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September 04, 2019

Art Mall Global Reaches Out to All Art Related Youth Oriented Charities to Fund, Promote and Expand the #ArtHeals Movement Globally

Art Mall Global launches global #ArtHeals Movement; #ArtHeals Celebrity Art Auctions to be held in Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, NYC, with Fine Artists “M’Lilo” and many others; Art Mall Global embraces the AutoFOCUS Awards in Miami, FL.

Beverly Hills, CA, September 04, 2019 –(– – Art Mall Global is launching their international #ArtHeals / #ArtTherapy movement with the help of Art Related Youth Charities all over the Globe. The goal is to heal the world of all physical pain, mental illness and emotional woes through the Medicinal influence of Art.

“Art is medicine to heal inner emotional diseases as well as external pain and physical ailments,” says Art Mall Global manager Marc Gray.

The #ArtHeals / #ArtTherapy movement is set to kick off with many Art Auctions in LA, NYC, Atlanta and a major fine auto event in Miami, FL on Saturday, November 2, 2019, with Mercedes Benz, BMW & Ford motors.

Several celebrity guest are also expected to be in attendance.

“These events are structured to bring awareness upon the impact art has on the overall mental state of humanity.” – Keri Hayes Art Mall Global Brand Ambassador.

This year, the Art Mall Global team is excited to announce one of their top artists, M’Lilo is unleashing his first few “Tao Art” Collections and Performance Art exhibitions.

M’Lilo is currently represented by #ArtMallGlobal (Management) and is receiving great attention globally for his very deep and emotional / visionary Abstract Expressionistic “Tao Art.” The Tao Art movement is all about Healing the world through All visual arts and can be found online with the hash tags #ArtHEALS and #ArtTherapy. He has focused on Humanitarian works and is now using his art to fund massive charity projects across the globe, with the United Nations, several governments and other nonprofit organizations helping to make Positive change on all Levels. Recently the M’Lilo Art Team has been invited to be a part of several thriving art movements in Romania, UK, France, Nigeria, South Africa, Gambia, Senegal, Puerto Rico, and many more. Domestically, he will be presenting his artworks at selected Art festival in the USA and will end the year on a high note doing many different exhibitions around the Miami Art Basel in December & then start off the new year with a major exhibition at the San Francisco Art Basel in January.

The November 2 Art Auction is scheduled to be a part of the 18th Annual AutoFOCUS Award Show, which is one of Miami’s favorite fall celebrations. Set within the amazing Miami International Auto Show, the AutoFOCUS Awards is a party complete with awesome networking with leaders and innovators and an awards ceremony recognizing automotive design, creativity and cultural impact.Attendees not only gain full access to the Miami International Auto show showroom floor, but also get to engage in the wild yet classy activities, from the AutoFOCUS awards reception, live DJ set, photo ops, and the official slate of audience contests with prizes, food and refreshments.

The Art Mall is a very diverse platform for all art lovers. Catering to all audiences within all budgets to be able to “Experience” the Fine Art world with Living Artists who are now creating a new Artistic and Cultural online hang-out never seen or felt before… This is much more than just pretty pictures in beautiful frames, this is Healing & Therapy, for the Mind, Body and Soul.

You can also contact and experience the Art Mall Global Online gallery/mall for yourself and your loved ones by visiting

August 21, 2019

The Art Mall Global Platform Serves as a Bridge for Fine Artists to Connect with Fine Buyers Globally Bringing in the Next Wave in the Online/Sublime Art Experience


Art Mall Global is broadening the global fine art market with a goal to directly connect fine art buyers and artist to a whole new shopping/learning experience. “Offering the artistic world a great new emotional ‘feel good’ business culture.” – Keisha Gabbidon



Los Angeles, CA, August 21, 2019 –(– – Now Expanding the Fine Art market into “Fine Healing Arts” and Art mediums and genres (especially Abstract & Expressionistic – Limitless Art) with higher vibrations. Promoting “Healthy Organic Art” to make the client feel good inside and out.

Their strong customer culture demands only high quality, hand-picked artists, art works and ads to ensure a much more positive premium experience (and service) for their exclusive clientele & powerful buying networks built over the last 50+ years of doing business with honor and integrity, thus creating life-long relationships.

“Art Mall Global is broadening the global fine art market with a goal to directly connect fine art buyers and artist to a whole new shopping/ learning experience. Offering the artistic world a great new emotional ‘feel good’ business culture.” -Keisha Gabbidon. With a domestic focus on Miami, Florida, Beverly Hills, California, and New York, New York; and a global focus on the United Kingdom, China, Africa & South America; Art Mall Global is already in place to serve the fine art world with a new and exciting brand promoting a lifestyle that will educate and entertain a whole new generation of Millennial and Millionaire art lovers. Art Mall Global plans to become one of the most sought after and innovative art platforms of our time. By uniting traditional artist and buyers, with new innovators, celebrities and influencers; Art Mall Global will be able to not only provide new and exclusive works online, but will also push the envelope; disrupting the offline world by providing year round exhibition and event opportunities to upcoming artist, supporters, sponsors, and advertisers alike. All will be highlighted by superior Public Relations and marketing techniques and technology.

“We Create Art that Heals the Globe” – Art Mall Global

Art Mall Global features top global artists such as Fernando Mora (Puerto Rico), Ras Silas Motse (South Africa), Bymarkkk (Romania) and many more. These artist are featured alongside top American artists like Suzanne Buckland (Texas), Gina Welds-Hulse (Florida), and M’Lilo. Plus numerous exclusive collections. Art Mall Global has a platform which is a breath of fresh air for those seeking the hottest new and exciting talent in the progressive art world.

On the Board and Executive Team, they have retired Veterans, Vice Presidents, Professors and Builders, as well as active Realtors, Informational Technologists, Social Workers, Wall Street Investors, Attorneys and Accountants. Each of them coming with vast knowledge and wisdom to make Art Mall Global a team destined to win.

The Miami Curator is Keisha Gabbidon whom is well connected not only on the Fine Art scene (integrally working with numerous galleries and art spaces globally), but she is also well interwoven with the majority of the greater Miami business community. Keisha also has experience with Art Dealing in the global markets of the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

Linda Smith is the in-house global art agent with exclusive business relationships and networks in the United Kingdom, Australia and NYC. She brings a balance of intensity and passion to each endeavor mixed with extreme humility and a motherly knack for calm, monk-like problem solving.

Marc Gray, the Lead Art Manager, is connected to some of the biggest print and framing companies. He also offers some of the biggest collections of Abstract, Fine Black Art, African Art, and merchandise in the United States and global markets. With a professional background in the Music, Film, Television, Real Estate, Finance and Luxury industries; Mr. Gray has a professional appreciation for Investors. He respects the way in which buyers wish to be treated and interacted with; he understands the preferred tone, and most importantly he knows what art investors need.

You can also experience the online Global Art Mall for yourself and your loved ones by visiting