“Being good in Business is the most fascinating kind of art.

Making money is ART

and Working is Art

and Good Business is the Best Art.”

— Andy Warhol —







Merchandise & Art Accessories

"Miles Davis" T-shirt, By: M'Lilo $50 & up (for different colors & sizes)

All T-Shirts (Men, Women & Kids/ All Sizes/ Any Artwork) $50 & Up

M'Lilo FASHION:  Dresses, Pants, Dress shirts, Sneakers ($100) & much more, all made from Original Art work. (Email for all Fashion prices -- )

Art Bags (Any Artwork) -- $60

Art Mugs (Any Artwork) -- $50 & Up

All Art Posters available | 11 x 17 Signed! $30 & up

Postcards are available for most Artworks in the MALL
(*set of 10 for $30 & up)