Art Advisor: Sjoerd Schepman (Europe)

Europe Art Advisor:

My name is Sjoerd Schepman and i am an art broker from the Netherlands. Over the years i specialized myself in finding the rare & very specific pieces. I find the art you desire so much but you can’t find on your own.

Are you in search for an European artist that you can’t find in the U.S., let me know and i will find you the desired artist. Nowadays i have several international private and public clients and i work for all layers of the society because everyone can own art. Over the time i have built up a big network of international art collectors and traders, so often i know what is for sale and not offered active on the global market.  

I always had a wide interest in several movements of the twentieth century from Impressionism to Contemporary art. I also do multiple cultures and mediums like sculptures, glass art, paintings, ethnographica, objects and vintage & modern design. If you are in need of a good advisor for your fine art investment or if you are in need of someone who can handle negotiations for you, contact me and i will help you achieve the right work for the right amount.


Kind regards,

Sjoerd Schepman

Art collections and brokerage

Hoogenhoek 2

4141BH Leerdam

Tel: 0031-64980469